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The Three Kings - Poker Card Trick

Firstly you need to remove three Kings from the deck and make sure that the fourth King is on the bottom of the deck.

Fan the three Kings out and hold them up to show them to your spectators and while you're doing this, boldly announce that you are going to separate them in the deck but because these Kings have such an affinity for each other, then they will magically reunite.

3 KingsAfter saying this, place one King on the bottom, one in the middle, (secretly making sure that it is placed into the top half of the deck), and place the third one on the top of the deck. Which ever King you placed on the bottom of the deck in your preparation, you must make sure that the king which goes ostensibly into the middle of the deck is the same colour - the reason for this is that that one King in the middle of the deck is going to get replaced by the fourth King. It would be too noticeable if example two red Kings and one black King at the start of the trick became too black Kings and one red King at the finish!

Anyway, next you need to invite a member of the audience to cut the deck into two stacks and then you simply place the bottom stack on top of the top one. After whichever magical incantations you choose to make, you now only have to start dealing out the cards face up until you get to the three kings together (the one from the top and the two from the bottom)

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Right Royal Mixup?

One interesting fact about the Kings in a deck of cards is that historically, the French people considered that the King of hearts represented the King of England, the Queen of hearts, Joan of Arc and the King of clubs they believed represented the Pope!