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Texas Poker - Texas Hold Em: Variations

Limit Hold Em Poker
In this variation on Texas Hold Em Poker, all bets are limited to specific amounts and this rule cannot be altered at the table without the agreement of all the players present. Also the number of raises permitted during a betting round is usually capped at a certain level. One of the real advantages of Limit Hold Em Poker is that it is more difficult to lose large amounts of money because pots are always limited to a maximum so this is a far better form of poker for players with limited budgets.
Limit Hold Em poker is the most common form of poker found in the card rooms of Las Vegas.

No Limit Hold Em Poker
This is probably the exciting form of poker that most people aspire to. Any size of bet can be made at any time once the blinds have been placed. Anything from the absolute minimum bet allowed to an all-in move is possible and this of course means that you can potentially multiply your stake in just one hand of cards or if things don't go well you could lose it all! This is of course what makes no limit hold em poker so exciting to watch and also potentially very lucrative for those brave enough to play it.
This form of texas poker is also the most commonly played variation in poker tournaments

Pot Limit Hold Em Poker
This variation of Texas Hold Em poker restricts the size of bets and raises to the size of the current pot but there is no restriction or upper limit to the potential size of the pot and this makes this form of poker pretty much as good as No-Limit Hold Em poker when you consider the overall size of pots which can be in the game.It tends to favour players who like to see a flop because of the fact that early betting can be relatively small in comparison with the size of the final pot so players find they can reach the flop stage of the hand without risking too much money and put themselves in a position whereby they can potentially make a big killing later on.
Nowadays this form of texas poker is not very common but can still be found in some European card rooms.


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Poker Speak

There really are many terms in everyday use in the English language which have come directly from the game of poker. Here are a few that might suprise you!

Up the ante

Poker face

On a roll

The buck stops here

Cashed in his chips

Taken to the cleaners