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Choosing A Poker Table Online

online poker tableBefore you sit down to an online poker table, you should consider various factors. This is very important because if you pick the right table, your chances of winning are substantially increased.

Amateurs and people who lose consistently do not tend to put any thought into choosing the right poker table and that is one of the main reasons why they lose. So let's take a look at the points you should consider when choosing an online poker table?


1. Check out the Opposition
This is probably the most important thing to consider for the reason that if you get to play the right opponents then you stand a much greater chance of winning and of course logically if you get to play the wrong opponents you will probably lose. Spend some time watching how a table is being played. Look for a table where players are betting on most hands and for players who are constantly raising. The type of players who are very cautious and don't believe in taking many risks are much more difficult to beat.

2. Watch out for Dangerous Opponents
The most dangerous kind of opponent unsurprisingly would be the poker professional. This can be very hard to spot in an online poker room because they're pretty good at mixing up their play to fool onlookers. If there is anything that gives them away then it is that they tend to play the type of game which is both tight and aggressive. Watching them you will notice that they tend to fold a lot of the time but when they decide to play them they will raise very aggressively. Don't play against players like this unless you have an extremely good hand.

3. Beware of Crazy Players At The Poker Table
Some players, particularly not very skilled ones have a habit of playing virtually every hand and endlessly raising. This makes it very difficult to tell what cards they have and although most of the time they will tend to lose, the problem is that occasionally they will get lucky and this means that you could get hurt in a tussle with this sort of player.

4. Get A Good Position At The Poker Table
The best advice here with regard to getting a good seat at an online poker table is that ideally you want large stacks to your right and small stacks to your left. The reason for this is twofold: firstly chips tend to move clockwise around the poker table (as do most things) and secondly, you want the players with the most power - that is to say with a big stack to act before you do so that you can make more informed decisions as to how to play. Read more about your poker table position.

money from poker table choice

An Important Factor

It's very important that the amount of money you have a play with is sufficient in relation to the average pot at the poker table on which you intend to play! For example, if the table has an average pot of $75 and you only have $15 in your stack than you're likely to run into problems. Basically, you want to have enough money to be able to ride out a bad patch and still have some left for if you get that fantastic dream poker hand!

Virtually all online poker tables have a minimum and a maximum buy-in and really you should be sitting down to play with as near to the maximum as you can muster -- that is to say that if the table maximum is $200 then ideally you would have $200 to play with or if not, something very near to it.

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