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7 Card Stud Poker

Seven card stud poker is the main form of stud poker and whilst it was once the most popular form of poker, it is now way behind Texas poker in popularity. Even so, 7 card stud is still played although the five card variation of this game is rarely played nowadays.

The game, often referred to simply as 'Stud' and played by between two and eight players, carries a high risk factor for the beginner and is not a sensible option if you're looking for your first experience in poker playing. This is mainly because there can be up to five betting rounds in each hand and so if you want to play to the 'river' it is likely to cost a lot of money especially if you're not a very good player!

How to Play 7 Card Stud Poker

a: Firstly, the house collects the ante from each player. This is a nominal amount but the amount can vary.

b: Next, three cards are dealt to each player: the first two 'hole' cards are dealt face down. A third, known as the 'door' card is dealt face up.

c: The player who has the lowest door card is forced to make a bet (the bring-in) and the value of this bet is half the lower limit although if this player likes, he or she can bet the lower limit.

d: Each player after this must decide whether to fold, call or raise.

e: The next card which is known as 'fourth street' is dealt face up to each remaining player at the second round of betting is commenced by the player with the highest value hand showing. This bet must be at the lower limit of the table, but if the player can show a pair, he may choose to bet at the upper limit.

f: Step 'e' above is repeated for fifth and sixth streets and both these cards are dealt face up. From fifth street onwards, all betting begins at the upper limit.

g: Step 'e' above is repeated again this time for the seventh card (the river) but this card is dealt face down.

h: Whichever player has the best hand at the showdown wins the pot.



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7 Card Studies

Experts say that when playing 7 card stud poker, the most important thing is never to enter a pot unless your three hole cards can work together. The reason for this is that you can be fairly certain that at least one of your opponents will be able to improve their hand as the four face up cards are dealt.

It is beyond the realms of this web page to explain the true intricacies of this complex poker game and there are expert players who will tell you they have spent a lifetime learning this game and yet still have much to learn so if you intend to play 7 Card Stud Poker then study the game in more detail and play it cautiously!!!