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Texas Poker - Texas Hold Em

texas poker graphic 'Texas hold em'Texas Poker, Texas Holdem or Texas Hold Em as it's also known is similar to all poker games in that it is all about forming the best five-card hand. Texas Poker is by far and away the most popular form of poker either when people play poker online or in a casino. Virtually all poker you see on television is of the Texas Hold Em variety.

The great thing about Texas Poker is that it is simple to learn. Each player is dealt two cards which are not visible to the other players but other than these, all the other cards are seen by all the players and will remain visible throughout the game. This means that no one has to remember all the cards that have been played or how many cards have been drawn by each player which would be the case with Stud poker or Draw poker. So even a novice player can have a chance of winning at Texas Poker.

In fact there are three different types of Texas Hold Em and these are: Limit Hold Em, No Limit Hold Em, and Pot Limit Hold Em.

As the name suggests, Limit Hold Em is where the limit of bets is fixed throughout the game, No Limit Hold Em is of course where any player can bet any amount of chips at any time and Pot Limit Hold Em is where the various players are permitted to bet the entire pot value at any point in the game but no more.

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Play Poker for Money?

Then always set a sensible limit to your bets and know when to quit when your chips are gone. Remember the ironic but wise words of the realist: Jack Yelton:

There is a very easy way to leave a Casino with a small fortune.......

Go there with a large one!