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Four of a Kind - Poker Card Trick

The Effect:
This is a trick in which guided by a spectator, you manage to produce the four aces magically from the pack.

Before you perform this trick, you need to arrange the pack of cards so that there are three aces on the bottom of the pack and one secretly placed on the top of the pack. You should also be seated at a table with the spectator opposite you.

Tell the spectator that you are about to deal some cards onto the table and that he or she is to tell you when to stop. The cards will be dealt face down. Next you begin to deal the cards onto the table until you are told to stop. When you have made the first pile of cards, secretly lower the deck to below the level of the top of the table from where you can bring the bottom card of the deck to the top. Because of your earlier preparation, you now of course have another ace on the top of the pack. Now all you have to do is repeat the above steps three times until you have four piles of cards in front of you and the spectator on the table.

It is now simply a matter of turning over the four stacks of cards to reveal the four aces. Four of a kind - A pretty good poker hand indeed!

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