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Aces High - Poker Card Trick

This poker style ace trick which is a development of the above is easy to perform and during the course of it you will produce in an entertaining manner, an excellent poker hand of cards.

The Effect
The four aces magically rise to the top of the deck even though it has been shuffled!

the four aces will need to be separated and placed on top of the deck before your performance.

The Performance
Give the cards a false shuffle. If you don't know how to do this then you will find an excellent description on this link:
False Shuffle For Aces High
Next, you ask one of your spectators to cut the deck into four separate piles - more or less equal in size - in front of you in a line on the table. While they are doing this you need to make sure that you can keep track of which of the four piles of cards has the four aces on top of it!

Beginning with a pile of cards at the opposite end to the one with the aces on top, ask your spectator to remove the top three cards and move them to the bottom of the pile then to take the next three top cards of the same pile and place one on top of each of the other three piles of cards. You need to get them to repeat this action with each of the other three piles, make sure that the last one they perform this action upon is the one with the aces on top. Lastly, all you need to do is ask the spectator to turn over the top cards of each pile and to their astonishment they will find that they have a another great poker hand: the 4 Aces!

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Poker Maxim?

"Poker is a game of silent courage and sublimated paranoia"

Al Reinert in Texas Monthly