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Card Shuffles

Randomising Cards
Shuffling is used to randomise a deck of cards. Which is then cut or laid for play. Not all shuffling is the same. There are seven official ways to shuffle a deck of 52 cards and other ways are seen as unfair or cheating. Not all casinos will ask their croupier to shuffle, instead they might have a card shuffling machine. Mobile casinos which automate card shuffles are believed to make playing harder as the deck is shuffled more randomly then it is by hand.

If you still like to shuffle then why not try these recognised forms:

card shuffles


pair of aces in omaha poker

Keep Ace Cool!

Having a pair of aces in your hand when starting a game of Omaha is cool. However, you need to remember how dramatically the flop can change your hand. If you have multiple opponents and a flop like 9 10 J, and your opponents are busy raising and re-raising, it’s tempting to continue in the hand, even if it’s a dangerous flop that may have helped your opponents.

Try to remember that Omaha hands really begin on the flop and to act accordingly. That way you won’t be tempted to continue with a big pair that looked strong pre-flop especially if the flop doesn't help.

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