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The Dealer Always Wins - Poker Card Trick

In this gambling trick, poker hands are repeatedly dealt between the performer and the spectator but the performer can win whenever he likes much to the amazement of the spectator.

Poker Card Trick - Dealer WinsPreparation:
Before you perform this trick, you need to get a little stack of cards together. This must consist of one indifferent card - in our example here this is the King of Spades, and three sets of similar cards i.e. in our example 3 Aces, 3 Jacks and 3 sevens. The indifferent card needs to be on top with the other nine cards in any order beneath and all these cards should be placed face down on top of the face down pack.

The key to this trick is that whoever is dealt the odd card - in our example the King of Spades, will lose!
First of all you ask a spectator to help you with your gambling demonstration. While you do this, you can perform an overhand false shuffle keeping the 10 card stack intact on top of the deck. Next you deal two poker hands of five cards each. You need to make sure that the first card which in our example is the King of Spades goes to the spectator and then you deal the cards alternately until both you and the spectator have five cards. When the two poker hands are turned over, you the performer will have the winning hand!

Pick up the cards making sure that the odd card - in our example the King of Spades is on the bottom of the stack and you shuffle the 10 cards repeatedly keeping the King of Spades on the bottom. You then once again deal two poker hands but this time of course as the King of Spades is that on the bottom then you will receive it as the last card in the stack and when you turn the two hands face up, you will lose!

Finally, you pick up the cards, this time making sure the King of Spades is the top card and you false shuffle them again. You deal the top card - the King of Spades in front of the spectator and then you take each of the following cards and let the spectator decide whether he would like it or whether he would like you to have it. You do this until the spectator has chosen five cards himself and you take the rest of the cards. It doesn't really matter because he will lose whatever he does. The odds are that the spectator will not notice that you dealt him the first card and he only chose the other four!

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Do bear in mind that playing poker for huge stakes can bring problems of its own for the big-money players.

Once, a photographer at the World Series of Poker was taking photos of leading players for a book he was writing. The photographer was approached by several players who requested prints from him and he duly explained that the cost would be $75 per picture.

However nobody seemed to have change so he had to charge them $100 per print and then everyone was happy!!