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Stacked Poker Hands - Poker Card Trick

This poker card trick utilises the Si Stebbins Stack. In this system, every card is three numbers higher from the preceding card, and the suits rotate in Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds order (remembered as "CHaSeD"). By this arrangement, the performer knows the identity of a chosen card by glimpsing the next card, or he can determine the exact position of any card in the pack by calculation. The order of the stack from the top card down is as follows:

ACl, 4H, 7S, 10D, KCl, 3H, 6S, 9D, QCl, 2H, 5S, 8D, JCl, AH, 4S, 7D and so on.....


The cards are shuffled and cut. Four poker hands are dealt, three to spectators and one to the performer and although the spectators are all dealt running flushes, you the performer better this with a Royal flush!

Before you perform this trick, arrange the cards into the Si Stebbins stack. You can read how to do this above.

Enlist the help of three spectators and tell them that you are all going to have a game of poker because you would like to test your poker playing prowess against them. False shuffle the deck and cut it several times - the cuts can be done legitimately, then deal out four hands of poker each containing five cards. You the performer must be dealt the fourth hand. When the cards are turned over, the three spectators will find that they have running flushes but when you turn over your hand, you will have a Royal flush!

The secret of this trick is that when you perform the cuts on the deck, you make sure that you end up with a two on the bottom of the deck. It doesn't matter which two but this will ensure you being dealt the Royal flush.

Above right you can see the full deck standard stack (Follow columns 1-4 from left to right and from top to bottom)

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card stack system

Si Stebbins' Stack

This is a well-known card stack system used to perform card tricks often with gambling themes.

The system was first published in the USA around 1898 by William Coffrin (alias Si Stebbins) in a booklet titled “Si Stebbins’ Card tricks and the Way He Performs Them”.