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poker cards, poker chipsToday, the game of poker has truly become the gambling game of choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the excitement and the adrenaline rushes that poker can provide. One of the main reasons for the success of poker is the popularity of the many TV shows which feature high-stakes games usually attended by charismatic poker players - sometimes likeable sometimes not but always interesting.

Also today, there is the opportunity like never before for a poker player to play poker online in one of the many online poker rooms and to turn a hobby into a real source of income! The authorof this website has always had a fascination with poker but also another related hobby - performing card tricks, sleight of hand and card magic. That is how this website has come into existence.

Here you will find plenty of information on poker such as omaha poker, texas poker and stud poker as well as tips for when you play poker online. Also you can learn how to perform a few poker card tricks - ie. simple card tricks which have a poker slant to them and even how to perform expert card shuffles. I thought it would be nice to share these with fellow poker fans so they might have the opportunity to entertain their friends before or after a good game of poker.

4 aces in poker

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Probably the worst hand you could possibly draw when playing Texas Poker would comprise a 2 and a 7 of different suits these cards being too far apart for you to easily develop a straight. Also, there is little chance of you making a flush in the next five cards as four of them would have to be one of the two suits you're holding and finally even if you're lucky enough to develop a pair of sevens, it's likely that another player will have a better pair than this!

If you want to play however you could get lucky so why not try your hand at some real money poker games

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